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Why Mission?

Mission Knives are made in the United States under AS 9100 spec conditions used by the aircraft industry to assure precision.  Mission has supplied our elite armed forces with high quality, titanium knives for decades.  In addition, these products are used all over the world by spec ops units, EOD units and dive teams where they are known for their durability and other special properties.


Mission's proprietary titanium alloy is:


Corrosion proof.

40% lighter than steel.


Highly ductile and resistant to dynamic forces even under extreme temperatures.

Highly abrasion resistant for superior edge retention.

Environmentally inert.

Field proven.

Made in the USA.

Warrantied for life against factory defects.



Don't forget, Mission knives come with a free factory resharpening program!



MISSION KNIVES WORLD is authorized by MISSION to be an official dealer.  Working with an authorized dealer can be very important when you are looking for that perfect knife, and when you need special accessories or service after the initial purchase.

Take into consideration that MISSION warranties their knives against defects in materials and workmanship for life.  This is offered to the original owner of the MISSION knife.  Additionally, you can take advantage of the resharpening services provided by MISSION.  Be prepared to offer proof of purchase from an authorized agent of MISSION, when requesting service.  We are in contact with MISSION on a regular basis, and have the ability to get items and services.

Inventory levels are very important.  You will see that MISSION KNIVES WORLD has the largest selection of MISSION products available from any knife dealer.  

Experience can be very valuable.   We've been offering MISSION knives for over 6 years.  We are likely the on-line dealer that has sold the most MISSION knives.  

Mission Knives are so desirable that they are often imitated by overseas manufacturers.  These knock-offs are almost never titanium and if they are they are of such low quality alloy and construction that they are likely to fail quickly.  MissionKnivesWorld is an authorized Mission Knives Dealer.  You do not have to buy a Mission Knife from us, but if you buy elsewhere, PLEASE make sure they are an authorized dealer!